About Me

A Newfoundlander born and raised, I returned home to St. John’s, on the very east side of Canada in November 2014, after spending 14+ years living and working in Toronto, where I went for a 4-month work term in August of 2000, and never left.  (This might help explain the iceberg photo at the top of the page – courtesy of my brilliant photographer dad!)

I am a software report writer and dog mom to my adorable rescue, Kayleigh.  In my spare time, I seem to have developed a love of yarn and fibre arts.

I learned how to knit from my grandmothers when I was a very small child but only picked it up seriously in 2010.  Since then I have taken classes in drop spindling and Tunisian crochet (the basics, anyway)…and a spinning wheel became the latest addition to my fibre-y collection on Christmas Day of 2012.  Thank God, I have no interest in weaving…yet. I blame Shireen for the purchase of my Ashford Knitter’s Loom, and I released my first real knitting pattern in September of 2014.  I now have five published patterns to my credit and a head filled with more.

I occasionally blog about cooking and foodie things, too, but fibre arts is definitely my main focus.


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