So there’s this plan…

And perhaps I am crazy (some would argue that there is no “perhaps” about it!) but I thought I might resurrect this blog to write about the fibre crafting that has consumed a fair bit of my life these past two years.

I have been envying my friend Christina’s blog for a while now…she does some beautiful work and her blog has led me to sign up for a photography course on

But the real push to get this started came from my friend and hand-dyed yarn pusher, Kim (go check her out – she’s half the reason for my fibre addiction) last weekend, when there was discussion about a knit-along using one of her very special yarns and an Anne Hanson pattern (but I’ll get to that later).  Kim said, “You should totally blog that!” and I agreed.  Then I remembered that somewhere in cyberspace, there was a blog with my (user)name on it.  Took some doing, but I found it and regained access to it, and now there’s this plan…

Let’s see how it works out.

2 thoughts on “So there’s this plan…

    • Well, it is more like “welcome” than “welcome back”! The blog was created in 2009 but for the life of me, I am not sure what I had planned to do with it and the only post was an automatic one WordPress did.

      This seemed like a good idea, if I could get into it, and I managed to do that 😉

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