So, they tell me there was a weekend in there someplace….

I am really not sure where this weekend went.  One minute it was Friday, and the next, I am at work.

I spent some time Thursday evening with Deb of Dye Hard Fibre Arts, chatting and pawing through her bin of gorgeous (mostly self-striping) colourways.  I came away with a lovely pink self striping yarn, named for the Princess Diaries, “She Rocks, She Rules, She Reigns”.


I also picked up a OOAK colourway, that in her dining room looked to be a pretty blue, but only when I got it outside to take a photo of it did I discover how lovely and variegated it was.


It had no name and following Deb’s tradition of naming her colourways from movie quotes, I stole this one from Hackers’ Cereal Killer.  I called it “We have no names, man. No names. We are nameless!”  (As a side note, finding movie quotes with the word “nameless” in it is very hard.  If you Google “movie quotes nameless”, you get lots of movie quotes from nameless characters!  But I digress…)

Friday night was the Knitty Roundtable where I got to try out some new yarns, and received this for my troubles:

I learned to do colour work from my friend Meghan a few years ago, but have still not actually knit anything.  This will be a great reference book to add to my library.

Creatively, Saturday was pretty much a wash.  I cast on a new test knit cowl for Liz Abinante in a bulky weight yarn, and managed to get a few rows in before bed.  My jury is way out on the yarn…it’s a commercial one called Saphira and it looks and feels sorta like Malabrigo Worsted, but is about as splitty as the Phentex yarn my grandmother gave me to knit with when I was 7.

Sunday, I cooked.  Oh my God…did I cook!  And baked some too.  I started out by making homemade pancake mix, courtesy of a recipe from Nigella Lawson.  Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes followed, along with a Macaroni Casserole using a recipe that my mom has been using literally for as long as I can remember, and a cooker of Pulled Pork for a potluck at work.  You’d have thought that would be enough for one day.  You’d be wrong.

I have been craving pumpkin cake for about a week, so I located a recipe for a cake with pumpkin, spices and buttermilk (I hate seeing something go bad when only a tiny bit has been used).

The Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake with Buttermilk Icing from Epicurious turned out well…although I think it would not be quite sweet enough without the frosting glaze.


Once that was in the oven, I figured “In for a penny, in for a pound” and proceeded to dice up butternut squash for a risotto I have been making for a couple of years now.  I found it in Canadian Living a few autumns back, and fell in love with it, once I realized that for the squash to cook it had to be diced up fairly small.

No matter how hard you try, risotto never looks pretty 😉

Let’s not discuss the dishes that I did over the day…just too depressing.

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