FO: Hermione’s Got Rhythm

Wow…three posts in three days…definitely a record.

Late last year, I set myself a goal to knit down some of the yarn I have wound already, as I have heard that it should not be kept in centre pull balls for years on end.  To that end, when the time came for me to cast on a pair of simple socks to knit over the holidays (I can’t knit anything even remotely complex if I have company and my parents were coming to visit for a week), I snagged my wound ball of Tanis Blue Label in a vintage multi called Rhythm.  I came into this ball via my friend, Shireen, when she wanted to trade it for something heavier.

I chose Hermione’s Everyday socks because they were a simple textured pattern with nothing more than knits and purls, and would take very little attention to knit.


As is always the case, the yarn striped….my particular gauge means this happens pretty much every time I knit up a variegated yarn into socks.

This is also my first pair of socks without cashmere and I was pleasantly surprised that they were quite comfy.  I was afraid I had become somewhat spoiled! 😉


Pattern: Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder

Yarn: Tanis Blue Label in Rhythm

Who Was It Made For?  Me

Were There Changes Made To The Pattern?  I really didn’t like the modified eye of partridge heel with the garter edging, so I went to my standard slipped stitch heel flap and gussets.  I also modified the toe and started grafting with 14 stitches on each needle.  I find any fewer and the toe is just too long and too triangular to fit me properly.  Essentially, I just took the stitch pattern and put it into my “go to” sock construction.

Did I Learn Anything New?  No.  This was my 8th pair of top down, fingering weight socks.

Anything Else?  I was very surprised that I really like the texture.  It’s simple but prettier than a plain stockinette or 3×1 rib.

Would I Make Another?: Probably, if only because they were so easy and I like the texture of the finished socks quite a bit.

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