FO: Armour Road Socks

I really, truly love knitting socks.   This is mostly amusing because as a brand new knitter, the first time I went to the Purple Purl with my friend, Liz, she was knitting on a pair of socks and I shook my head in utter confusion.  “Why”, I inquired, ” would you put SO much time and effort, not to mention money for expensive yarn, into something you are going to wear on your feet?”  Total insanity, I thought.  Clearly, knitters be crazy.

Then I took Kate Atherley’s top-down sock class and I was hooked.  This was great fun, completely portable knitting especially where plain stockinette or easy patterned socks are concerned, and most importantly, unlike scarves, hats and cowls, I wear socks every single day from October to April or so.  So having many of them…not a bad thing.

The only thing about fingering weight socks?  Sometimes, they feel like they take for. ev. er.  So a while ago, I was poking around in Glenna C.‘s Ravelry shop, and I saw her Armour Road Socks.  Socks…in DK weight yarn.  A few little cables to break up the monotony and I had been wanting to learn cabling without a needle anyway.  How perfect!

So I bought the pattern, debated between multiple skeins of DK weight yarn in my stash and chose a skein of Tanis Yellow Label DK in Plum, which I had purchased at the Purple Purl during their 5th Birthday Sale in November.  I tell you, this is instant gratification for sock knitters.  I have small feet so I knit the smallest size.  They were on the needles less than two weeks, and had they been my only WIP, I am certain I’d have had them done in seven days flat.

Armour Road Socks in Plum

Armour Road Socks in Plum

I inadvertently soaked them overnight, and when they dried they were lovely and soft and squooshy, and are perfect in my boots.  Love them!  Can’t wait to finish my next pair!

Pattern: Armour Road Socks by Glenna C.

Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Yellow Label DK in Plum.  This colourway is nice enough but knits up a bit muted and “dusty” for me.  I don’t love it.

Who Was It Made For?  Me!

Were There Changes Made To The Pattern?  None.  Followed along exactly.

Did I Learn Anything New?  Cabling without a needle – HUZZAH!  My membership to the Fraidy Cat Duo has been revoked!!  (Long story.)

Anything Else?  No.

Would I Make Another?:  Not only would I, but I have them on the needles already, this time in indigodragonfly Superwash DK in Monster Mash.  Once those are done, I am casting on a pair in indigodragonfly MCN Sport (which is also a DK weight but with cashmere and nylon – YUM!)

2 thoughts on “FO: Armour Road Socks

    • I am wearing them today….so cozy! I got sidetracked from my second pair but I really need to get back to them. I should have a few new pairs by next fall, when I will really need them.

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