In my short time as a knitter, I have frequently noticed that I can see a design and think (if I am honest with myself) “Now why would anyone want to knit that?”  I put the item out of my head and keep going.  Then later, I go back to the item and wonder what I ever disliked about it.

The biggest example of this that I can think of:  any object that fell into the entire category of cowls.  When I started knitting, I thought they were the silliest thing in the world.  After all, who wants to knit part of a turtleneck sweater?  Funnily, years later, I haven’t a clue what I was on about.  I knit a few early on for friends and remember thinking, “These are great!  You don’t have all that fabric under the front of your coat.  They can’t fall off and get lost…always a bonus.  They take up less yarn and are faster to knit than scarves.  And they are in the round, which generally means less purling.”  As someone who is highly purl-averse, this is not something to be taken lightly.

Calorimetry seems to have fallen into the category of something to which I once didn’t give the time of day but is something I am now seriously considering.  When I saw my friend Shireen on the weekend, she showed me one she had knit and it was pretty cute.  Because I wear ponytails a lot, especially on weekends, hats don’t tend to sit right.  (Plus I generally look like a giant dork in hats!)  And weekends are the exact times I need something to cover my ears when I take my dog, Kayleigh, outside or I just want to take a walk in the snow.  (Stop laughing…it could happen.)

And best of all, they take less than 100 yards of worsted weight yarn.  So now I am stashdiving, as I know I have a couple of small skeins of worsted weight yarn that I remember thinking, “These are so tiny…whatever will I do with them?”  Perhaps this is the answer.

I also found a small 50 g skein of single ply worsted that I handspun on my spindle.  After I soaked it and skeined it, I recall thinking “The yardage of this skein is so small.  Pity it’s never going to actually be anything”.

Fleece Artist BFL Handspun

Fleece Artist BFL Handspun

Now, maybe it will.