Knowing When to Say “I Give”

In the summer of 2011, the indigodragonfly group on Ravelry hosted a summer KAL.  It was a lot of fun for me as I was a mostly new knitter and had never done one before.  I didn’t win the prize for “Most Overcommitted” but I did win the prize for “Best Enabler”.  In addition to enabling others, I managed to squeeze in some time to knit a few things for myself, although admittedly far fewer than I had planned.

One of them was a lovely cowl from MCN Sport, a most lovely and squooshy DK weight yarn that I have adored ever since, using a Chrissy Prange pattern called “It’s Only Geometry”.  I had purchased two skeins of a gorgeous burgundy red called “When I Bit Into Him, I Could Hear The Ocean” (fans of the TV show, “Angel”, will recognize that as a Drusilla quote from the Season 2 episode, “Darla”), and used most of one skein for the cowl.

Geometry Bites

Geometry Bites

I kept the remaining skein, promising myself I would make gloves from it to go with the cowl.  I dutifully put the cowl away in a drawer, so that when the gloves were done, the cowl would be pristine and I could wear them as a pretty set.

Fast forward approximately two and a half years…you have three guesses where that second skein of yarn is.  Yep…still right where I left it, in my stash.  This morning, I felt like wearing red in honour of Chinese New Year, so I went into my drawer and hauled out the cowl and wore it.  The yarn has been queued for months now for a pair of fingerless mitts, but maybe I will use it to design my own “matching” pair of mitts.

Or maybe, this time next year…the yarn will still be sitting in stash.  Yep…that seems a lot more likely.

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