Falling Behind

So, as is always the case when I am not knitting for whatever reason, I was just poking around Ravelry.  (I have said countless times that if I spent even half as much time knitting as I spent trolling Rav, I’d be a machine!)

I am experiencing a rare case of finish-itis, and I was looking at my project page to see which WIP to pick up next.  I made a startling realization.  For the last few years, I have completed 27 or so projects annually.  That averages out to 2.25 projects a month.  So by my calculations, by the end of May on Saturday, I should have 11.25 completed projects on my projects page.  Let’s round that down to 11, shall we?

How many do I have?  7.  And that includes a project that’s a single sock – it was a test knit done for my friend Christina, and I didn’t need to finish the second one.  So I have to ask myself…what gives?

Yes, I bought a loom and yes, I picked up spinning again.  And I have spent more time than I care to admit planning some designs.  But all of those new activities were in the past month.  Makes me wonder where my winter went!

That being said…I have a pair of socks that I should be able to finish by next week sometime.  I’d share an “in progress” pic but they are a sooper seekrit test knit.  And I do have three different fingering weight scarves in various stages of completion that I’d like to get back to.  This one that I started last fall is high on my list of FOs I’d like to actually have.


Stillwater Scarf

Stillwater Zigzag Wanderer

So maybe it will be next out of the WIP bag!

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