On Buying Patterns

So, Shireen and I were chatting the other day about number of patterns sold vs. number of Ravelry projects, and she commented that you could easily have far fewer projects on Rav than you have actual pattern sales.

“After all”, she said, “How many of the patterns that you have purchased have you actually knit?”

A fine question.  So in a bit of a lull I seem to be having today, I took a count.  I counted all patterns that I had purchased that had actually cost me something.  It included collections, but not books, and it didn’t include gifts from friends or from the designer herself.  Nor did it include paid patterns that were free due to a promotion or code or similar.

In my few years on Rav, I have personally purchased 84 patterns…and knit/started 13 of them.  Two of those were frogged before completion.

So that’s an average of about 1 pattern knit for every 7 I have purchased.  In some cases, I didn’t get to it right away, and my taste changed before I cast it on.  I bought a hat pattern for Chase who later decided he didn’t love it after all.  In some cases, I bought it and when I checked the construction or in the case of a sock, the size of the cast on, it just didn’t suit.  And in some cases, the pattern just sits in my queue…waiting.

One in seven.  I choose to see it as “supporting designers”.

But I still should get to knitting some of them.

1 thought on “On Buying Patterns

  1. I’ve only been on Ravelry since August, but I’ve purchased 4 patterns and started one (Bee Keeper’s Quilt). To be fair, I’ve got the needles for one (Leftovers Cowl), just missing a contrasting yarn. I do plan starting that one soon.

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