Is it just me….?

Or does summer crafting just seem to go a lot more slowly?

Admittedly, this summer in Toronto is uncharacteristically cool…but I still can’t seem to find the energy to do much in the way of, well, anything, to be perfectly honest.

I have been doing bits and pieces of a scarf for my mom, and last week I cast on a hat in MadTosh Vintage for a colleague at work.  He has proven himself knit-worthy by wearing (and gushing repeatedly over) a cowl I made him last year.

Watch Cap in Madeline Tosh Vintage in Baltic

Watch Cap in Madeline Tosh Vintage in “Baltic”

I did put a new braid of fibre on my wheel – a braid of SweetGeorgia BFL in my favourite of her colourways, “Stormchaser”.  (I also have this colourway on Tough Love Sock which I will eventually get to.)  I am alternating this with a bobbin of the Humpspun that I started during Tour de Fleece, and my spinning progress seems to be much slower.  That is to say, it seems to take a LOT longer to get through a braid.  This might be a symptom of finer spinning.

Stormchaser BFL

“Stormchaser” BFL

In any case, I am not even through the “fractal” half of the braid yet.  But I love the colour so much that I don’t care how long it takes.  I want this on every base!

So even though this looks like I am doing a lot, I am really not.  My heart’s not really in it and when I am too warm, my energy is just tapped out.

Maybe this boredom is what’s feeding my start-itis that I am fighting, quite valiantly, I might add.   Something to consider.  What do you do when summer is here or your mojo is just plain out of whack?

10 thoughts on “Is it just me….?

  1. I feel you. I somehow felt really motivated in June & July because of the TDF and a summer sweater KAL I was in, but I lost all my drive by the end of the Tour de Fleece 😦
    I’m making very slow progress on my projects, but I took this opportunity to reorganize my stash – and by doing so, I rediscovered skeins that have been long forgotten, and it gave me a burst of inspiration for a few new projects 🙂

    • Re-organizing is a great idea. I keep my wound skeins separate from my unwound ones and try to make a point to use those first (I am not usually successful!) On Sunday I tagged all those in Ravelry so if I give in and start something new I won’t need to wind.

      I think half my “problem” is that I spun every day during TdF and hardly knit at all so now I don’t really want to…I am having trouble getting back into it.

  2. Yeah, I haven’t gotten much done this summer. In part have just been too damn busy. But I did just do a super quick baby knit (hat pattern called Luuk) in hopes of getting my mojo back a bit.

    • I hear you. I am doing that watch cap, but I am not really feeling that either. On the plus side, it is SO mindless that it’s progressing very quickly. I am over 8 inches into the body so decreases are coming soon.

  3. I always think I’m going to get lots done in the summer . . . but it never seems to work out that way. The siren songs of sunshine and open roads seems to call me.

    • I wish that was my problem. I am not an outdoorsy person (and living in Toronto doesn’t really help that!). I am just plain lazy about it. Last night, I sat in front of the TV for three hours and didn’t even bother to find my knitting bag. SO not like me. I know it will all come back, but I wish it would do it soon!

      • I’ve been kind of the opposite – I just finished college and I’d been dying to be able to knit non-stop. I was churning out a lot for a few weeks. Now I’m bored with my WIPs. So I’ve 7 projects on the needles right now but nothing finished. Sigh.

      • I have about a dozen things, including the aforementioned hat (that I am about to run out of yarn on and have to rip back 😦 ) on needles and none of them are calling to me. Maybe there needs to be another pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks OTN.

    • I get like that, for sure, but summer in Toronto this year hasn’t even really been overly hot, surprisingly!

      I do have another friend who knits in the summer but says she doesn’t spin because she feels like the fibre gets sticky and icky, but I haven;t found that.

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