Out Of The Loop

Wow…I had no idea how long it had been since I posted anything.

Been a super busy few months…months that included a lot of extra work hours and some travel for work.  Add to that my off and on traditional mid-winter-blues-that-take-my-knitting-mojo and some sooper seekrit projects, and there you have it.  One quiet Rayna for a month or so.

That being said, I did manage to start some socks for my Mom.  Sadly, they were in almost black and while normally I’d actually enjoy them them, at this time of year, knitting them nearly killed my eyes and my mood.  So after several weeks of slogging through the first sock, I politely requested that she pick something else, for now, and told her I’d finish her black socks over the summer, when there was more light.  (I foresee knitting on my new back deck with beer or wine…but I digress…)

The first selection included a slew of red fingering weight yarns and she happily picked one of those.  So I set my self up to knit her some No Purl Monkeys in red until I offhandedly mentioned that I had knit one of my pairs of Felici Sport striped socks in less than a week.  (Sport weight yarn plus 3.25mm needles equals almost instant gratification.)  She decided right there and then that she’d like to see my stash of that yarn, please, which was just fine by me.

In the end, it came down to Chimney

or Monochrome

and she could not decide.   I had nearly decided on Monochrome when I realized that it still meant that I was knitting grey in winter.

Chimney, it was!

After a false start that made me realize (at the end of the first leg) I had started from the wrong place in the ball, they moved along quite quickly.

I got in lots of plane-knitting time on my way to Toronto and then finished them at a knit night at a friend’s the next day, 8 days after I started them.  I delivered them to Mom when I got back to St. John’s the following weekend.

She is quite enamoured with them, and they’ll tide her over until the half Petty Harbour Sock in indigodragonfly Merino Sock that I have managed finally becomes a pair!

1 thought on “Out Of The Loop

  1. What pattern did you use for your Felici Sport striped socks? I’ve not yet ventured into sock knitting but I love the structure of those! (they may very well be a basic pattern other experienced sock knitters know but not me!) I’ve really enjoyed finding your website. Thanks!

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