Progress In A Short Time

So I’m off to a pretty good start with this whole thirty day crafting challenge. I have wiped out several of the smaller items… including re-skeining the yarn from three projects I frogged last week. On Saturday afternoon when the list was prepared, they looked like this:

And as of this morning, they looked like this:

I also blocked my Sick Day Shawl:

I admit that blocking might be a strong word. Since I didn’t want points, I soaked it overnight, spread it on a towel and stretched it out and I let it try and trimmed the ends. It’s a lot larger than it was and I might eventually block it “properly”.

I had planned to sew last night and ran out of steam. But determined to do something per our challenge, I cast on my dad’s sock, made from my very own hand dyed yarn.

Now… I actually don’t know what I am doing with this yet. Plain knit, or Hermione’s Every Day Socks…? The other pair I did were Hermione’s and Mom has laid claim to those because they were a touch too small for Dad. So making them plain will make them go faster and it means they’ll be easier to differentiate from the first pair when they are in the laundry. Decisions, decisions!

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