Disruptions in “The Schedule”

Most of the knitting I do is for me.  Occasionally, I knit for my husband….hats mostly, but I have knit him some worsted weight socks and most recently, I have on needles for him a pair of fingerless mitts that should have been done months ago, but that for some reason I am just not digging.  Progress on those has been glacier-like.

I have been known to knit for friends, but since most of my friends are knitters, it sometimes feels like bringing coals to Newcastle.

Most recently, I fell into knitting socks for my Mom and my Dad.  It happened by accident when my mom admired a pair I was working on (that I didn’t love) at the exact time when I could still alter the WIP to fit her.  Once she received them and loved them, she asked for another pair.  I have a strange sort of compulsion…I can’t really do something for one parent and not the other.   Since Mom had two, I had to knit two for Dad.  I gave him one at Christmas (which I am told he is going to wear out at this rate – YAY!!) and have another pair in the queue.  He wants brown.  Oy!

When I was at home for Christmas, my dear friend Karen gave me a bunch of Malabrigo that she was never going to knit.  She’s a knitter of heavier Mal Worsted and Mal Mecha, but had somehow obtained several skeins of Mal Lace and a few of Mal Sock.  When I compared one of the Mal Sock skeins in a colourway called Archangel to Mom’s new leather jacket, it cried out to be knit into a light, airy, lace scarf to go with the jacket.


The picture doesn’t entirely show how well the skein matches with the leather, but they’ll co-ordinate extremely well, I think.  I decided on the Foreign Correspondent’s Scarf as it’s a basic 4 row repeat, it has lots of nice open airy fishnet lace, and it won’t fight with the variegation inherent in that colourway.  In any case…one more thing to knit.

So when I say I have a “knitting” schedule, it’s not entirely accurate.  It’s more of a list of thing to start/make/finish, in the approximate order in which I wish to start/make/finish them.  The occasional gift item falls in there, which means I sometimes have something that resembles a deadline.  Overall, I have to say that I am not much of a deadline knitter.

I got an email from Porter Airlines the other day, advertizing a 50% off sale.  I figured it seemed like  a good time to get my parents to come visit, as they like getting away from Newfoundland in April or May.  It’s warmer here around that time, as spring has sprung in Toronto, but there’s still frequently snow on the Victoria Day long weekend (that’s May 24th, for you Americans!).  Dad mailed back and said they were going to come for a week around Easter, if that suited, which it did just fine, thank you!  Except…that means one thing.  Two planned projects now need to move up the queue.  Mom will want to have the scarf for her spring jacket, and the last time I mailed a pair of socks to Newfoundland, it set me back over $13.  So frankly, if I can have them ready for mid-April, more’s the better for me!  So, tonight…I wind!!

Do you have a knitting schedule?  Do you actually keep to it?  What sorts of things disrupt it?

Desperate times call for desperate measures

For the past few months, I have been valiantly chugging away at two pairs of fingering weight socks, one for my Mom and one for my Dad.  It all started when I was at home in Newfoundland this summer.  Mom decided she liked the pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks I was working on, and because she had caught me at exactly the right point in the process and I was not all that enamoured with them, I offered to finish them to fit her.  Once she had them, she told me she loved them and would really love another pair to go with her brown jeans.  My parents have never asked me to knit them anything, ever, so I thought that was the least I could do.

Now, there are two things you should know about this.  My mother has a size 10.5 foot – I have a size 7 foot.  So as you can imagine these socks require an awful lot more stitches than I usually have to knit to finish a pair of socks.

The bigger issue: I loathe brown.  With the fiery passion of a thousand suns.  (That’s a slight exaggeration – indigodragonfly makes a Captain Tightpants colourway that I like, and I don’t mind it in variegated colourways like the ones in my Stillwater scarf…but that’s about it).  So it should be telling of how much I love my Mom when I tell you that I knit a pair of size 10.5 brown socks for her.

It gets better.  I cannot knit my mother two pairs of socks, and not knit any for my father.  That just won’t do at all.  This necessity for equality is come by honestly.  When my brother and I were children, Mom kept a running account of what she spent on each of us at Christmas to make sure the numbers were even.  So I ask Dad what colours he would want, since of course I need to knit him two pairs as well.  His answer?  Dark blue and….brown.  Normally, being the dutiful daughter, I would have asked him which socks he wanted first; I skipped that step and cast on the Sweet Fiber Seastorm ones.  Because one more brown pair of socks might have killed me.  He’ll get the brown ones in the spring.  After which I will be declaring a moratorium on brown knitting for a minimum of six months.

I am at the gusset decreases of the second Seastorm sock.  It’s not brown but it’s still not exactly colourful.  Last night, out of pure desperation, I cast on a Reunion Cowl.  In indigodragonfly MCN Lace.  In the most stunning red in the world, made even better by being named after one of my favourite TV characters…Inara from Firefly.

indigodragonfly MCN Lace in "Only The Exact Phrase I Used Was Don't"

indigodragonfly MCN Lace in “Only The Exact Phrase I Used Was Don’t”

This is my cheering antidote against the current winter blahs.