25 days to the end of the year

It just crossed my mind that I did a year in review post last New Year’s Day where I counted the number of projects I completed in 2013.  The final tally of 28 was, I thought, impressive.  I always think I should do a calculation of yardage knit as well.  (I will not be doing a comparison of what left my stash vs. what was added to my stash.  Even though I was more selective in what I added to my stash this year, I still think I have more in the cupboard than this time last year.  That’s ok, though…I am stashing for my retirement, right?  But I digress.)

Out of pure curiousity, I just did a quick count and at this point, I am pretty sure I will complete at least 26 projects by New Year’s Eve.   (I still have a few gifts on needles and at least one small project which can probably be cast on and off in a weekend.)  Maybe I will do that yardage calculation after all.