Unexpected Outcomes

Last summer, the lovely and talented Kate Atherley put out a Twitter call, looking for knitters to test knit for her new accessories book.  At that point, I had taken Kate’s sock knitting class and I had even test knit for her before, so I thought it might be fun.  I sent her off a message, volunteering to knit for her and I got back a surprising response: “Do you think you might want to knit a sample to be photographed for the book?”  I was agape.  Me?  Knit for a book? I was honoured that she even asked and I responded that I would love to.

And then, almost immediately, the inevitable “imposter syndrome” set in.  “What if I am not good enough?  I am not a real knitter.  What if the item I knit is not fit to photograph?” (I know…what exactly is a real knitter, anyway?  And I have knit socks, lace, and so many other projects that this is a completely ridiculous train of thought, but there you have it.  As anyone who knows me well can attest, I utterly lack self confidence.)

Because of Kate’s deadline, I was afraid to commit to socks, so she offered me her fingerless mitts to knit.  Perfect….sounded like something I could do.  I knit them up, and nervously sent them back to Kate, and hoped they met her expectations.

Fast forward to December, and the release of Knit Accessories.  I leafed through it at the Purple Purl, and there were my mitts, beautifully photographed.  (Photography is one of the things I really want to improve upon.) Kind of exciting when you have never had anything you knit print before.  I was pretty thrilled and more than a bit proud.

This morning, Kate tweeted a new blog post.  Knit Accessories has been reviewed, and quite positively I might add, by Vogue Knitting magazine.  So excited for her!  So I take a look at the photo of the review, and would you look at that?  The pic they selected to run with the story….my mitts.

Photo Credit: Kate Atherley

Something I knit is in VOGUE KNITTING!  I understand that the pic was probably just the right size for the space or something, but I don’t care.  I might be unreasonably pleased with myself.