Spinning Wednesdays

Really…it’s a thing now (or at least I think it will be!)

Two weekends ago, after finishing my last skein of yarn, I decided to actually spin something that had a label, and thus not only a name, but an actual record of what the fibre content might be.  Imagine that!

So I grabbed two 35g HilltopCloud batts that I received as a set (there were actually three, but I fired one off to my friend, Val as part of a fibre-y care package last fall) and figured I’d spin those up before starting on what I have been considering “the good stuff”.  The fibre content was listed as 43% British Shetland, 43% Merino and 14% nylon (which translates to orange sparkly stuff!).  They were two different orange shades, and the tag suggested that one might want to ply them together for a tweed-y effect.

I started spinning up the darker orange and never having used a batt before, I spun it straight from the batt.  No dividing or anything, which I found out later would have been the more “standard” way to go.  In any case, the single turned out something like this.

Pumpkin Batt Single

Pumpkin Batt Single

I then waited a week, figuring I’d spin up the lighter one the following weekend.  This weekend past was busier than anticipated and my schedule got thrown off track by unexpected visitors.  Sunday evening, I finally got a chance to sit at my wheel and spin up the second batt.  This time, I divided the fibre into what turned out to be eight strips.

I forgot to take a picture of the single because I literally pulled it off the wheel, placed it straight onto the lazy Kate and plied the two singles into this.

Pumpkins – Plied!

I ended up with several extra yards of the lighter one – so I suspect I am getting better at spinning thinner yarns.  At the end, I still only ended up with 65-70 yards (I can’t believe that I forgot to write down the length!) and I have not done a wraps per inch.  But I suspect it’s  bulky-ish.  It is also massively itchy so even if I had enough to knit something with, I wouldn’t knit anything to go next to my skin.

I’d like to find more time during the week to spin maybe 20-30 minutes a night but so far, that’s just not happening.  I did get a chance to prep my new braid, though.

Next up…some very pretty ultra-violet BFL.

4 thoughts on “Spinning Wednesdays

  1. I don’t think that there is a ‘standard’ way to go. I often spin right from the batt without dividing and the same for a braid. Also if you wind your leftover single into a centerpull ball, you can ply both ends together for the rest of the 2 ply.

    Your spinning is lovely.

    • That’s good to know. I was once told (when I had been spinning on a spindle for about two days) by Abby Franquemont “just grab a handful of fibre and start spinning”…and I thought that was the most insane recommendation I ever heard. But that’s pretty much exactly what I did. Straightened out the batt… and just went with it.

      And thanks for the compliment. I am pleased with my progress so far, even if I have a long way to go!

    • Thanks, darlin’! I can see a difference too, which is happy making.

      What I’d like to do soon is spin 150g of something into a bulky weight single so I can make a Bandana Cowl, but I fear I am not nearly consistent enough yet 😉

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