The State of the Studio

I have already seen a few posts listing New Year’s Resolutions and such, and they made me take a look at what sort of year it’s been from a fibre/yarn standpoint.

This is a hard year to judge, mostly because it involved getting a loom, re-starting spinning, and moving halfway across my (not exactly small) country into a new house.

I lost two months of crafting, essentially, to the move and the setting up of our new house, and I lost a month of knitting this summer to Tour de Fleece.  In both cases, I regret nothing.  But it sure does show in my FO’s!

The past few years, I have knit 26-or-so items; this year’s number came in at just over half that – 16 in total, nearly half of which were socks.  (Yes, I know, you’re shocked.)  There were also two hats, a scarf, two shawls, two cowls, some washcloths and a single sock that was test knit, but where the mate was never completed because the yarn I chose was a terrible match for the pattern.

Now, in all fairness, the year also included the completion of two small-ish woven projects, and five skeins of handspun, and the publication of two original sock designs.  So, I’ll take it.

The issue seems to be my start-itis, and my general unwillingness to frog, well, anything.  I have 14 (I know, insane, right?) knitting WIPs, 2 spinning WIPs, some laceweight on my loom (I am patiently awaiting a stand for that, to be delivered in January), and a sock design that has not made it past the first leg.  So maybe, like Shireen, it’s time to either finish some of these or make the tough decision to frog.

Maybe tomorrow, I too will take an inventory and take a good hard look at where 2015’s knitting is going.  But take note: I will NOT be addressing the amount of yarn and fibre I acquired in 2014.

Some things are just too scary to put out there.

5 thoughts on “The State of the Studio

  1. There’s a stat that Rav should supply – yardage acquired during the year vs. yardage actually knit …………… or may not.

    • Oh dear god…I’d almost be a afraid to see that.

      Each year I vow to knit/spin more from stash, but when I found out I was moving out east to a city with only one real LYS, I panicked and went into hoard mode 😉

    • 🙂 Thank you. It didn’t so much induce guilt as some surprise that I appeared to accomplish so little. But in the grand scheme of things, that wasn’t really the case, once I took a look at my year overall!

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