Hitting the Reset Button

Wow.  That was, uhm, quite a year.

I am alive…but it’s been a rough last several months.  Without going into much detail, since this is a crafting blog and not a “here’s my personal life” blog, my marriage ended in October and I have been spending the past few months re-decorating (I kept the house) and trying to find motivation to re-start some of the hobbies I love.

Christmas was lovely.  Shireen and Tito came to see me as did my friend Opal.  My brother and his partner were home from Vancouver and I saw a lot of my parents and some family and family friends.

New Year’s Eve, after struggling for the previous few months, I made the decision to start the year on new footing, and have picked up my crafting again.

I knit a Bandana Cowl for me to go with a new jacket I bought because I lost so much weight over the past year that it was an embarrassment.


I finished this pair of mitts as a test knit for Kate Atherley.


I am on the gussets of the second sock for my dad, made from yarn I dyed myself a deep teal-y green last autumn before everything fell to pieces.


I have also signed up for dance classes that start tonight…and am contemplating a second dance class that starts Sunday.  I figure they’ll get me out of the house and back doing one more thing that I used to love, but inexplicably gave up.

And in the midst of all of this, I released two new patterns (they are part of the indigodragonfly SAK/WD club for the month of October) and didn’t even blog about them.  I was thrilled with how they turned out when I submitted them, but at the time they were released I had other things on my mind.  I will try and post those shortly.

Welcome 2016!  May you kick the ass of 2015 in every possible way.

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