Designs: Helix and Oskar

About a year ago, I received a text message from my friend Kim over at indigodragonfly.  We got to chatting about her upcoming Smart Assed Knitters/World Domination club year and she casually said, “This year, I am featuring new (or at least new to me) designers…you wouldn’t happen to know of anyone, would you?”

I gave it some thought for a few minutes and told her that since she and I ran in the same knitting circles, I really didn’t think I knew anyone she didn’t already know.

In retrospect, I can hear her rolling her eyes at my utter lack of taking a hint.  She messaged me back: “You just totally missed what I asked you, didn’t you?”.

I was flabbergasted.  And after flabbergasted I was honoured and more than a little chuffed.  Kim wanted me to design two new designs for her October club shipment.  Knowing that sock design is my happy place, she told me the socks were good and I set about creating something pretty to go with what Kim told me was going to likely be an autumn-y orange yarn.

The yarn turned out to be a stunning colourway…and that’s a big compliment coming from me….she formerly of the “I hate orange” club.  Not anymore.  Ron named it “The Cod Couple”, in honour of my Newfoundland heritage.  And the sock names followed suit.  I give you Helix and Oskar.


Helix.  Model: Opal Gamble / Photographer: Paul Sveda


Oskar.  Model: Me / Photographer: Shireen Nadir-Santana

I love socks that have lots of stockinette but have just a little something for both visual and knitting interest and I also love the offset panels that I had seen in other designs.

I wanted a lace sock and a cabled one.  There needed to be one for those of us who hate cabling and love to knit lace, and one for those who love cabling and feel that socks should not come with pre-made holes!

Overall, I was thrilled with how they turned out.

Really this post should have been made months ago, but life was more than a little complicated on the day these were released.  I will be allowed to release these to the public in a month or so, so if you are interested, stay tuned!

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